Why Choose Checkit Plus?

🌟 Customer-Centric Excellence: At Checkit Plus, you come first. Unbiased, independent, and driven by the sole mission to offer you impeccable service. We're about honest guidance, not brand partnerships.

💷 Savings Guaranteed with Price Checker: Dive into real-time comparisons, voucher codes, cashbacks, and more. You only pay when we save you money!

🛍️ Personalised Shopping with Product Selector: Experience the future with our Product Selector. Tailored product recommendations, user reviews, and a special focus on eco-friendly, small, and local UK businesses, should you choose. Plus, you're only billed when we find a product perfectly matching your requirements.

🌱 Supporting Eco-Conscious, Small & Local Choices: Our Product Selector can emphasise eco-friendly, small, and local businesses, based on your preference. It's shopping that aligns with your values.

🤖 Combining Tech & Touch: Utilising cutting-edge AI and machine learning, fused with a human touch, ensures recommendations are precise, relevant, and reliable.

🔒 Transparent, Value-Driven Pricing: Our unique pricing approach ensures you derive maximum value every time. Pay only when we deliver tangible results.

🕐 Time, Money, Stress - Saved!: Navigating the online shopping maze can be daunting. We simplify, streamline, and offer clarity, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

📩 Swift & Supportive: Have a query? We promise a resolution or response within 24 hours. Because every Checkit Plus user deserves top-tier support.

🚀 Evolving for Excellence: Since our April 2023 launch, user feedback has shaped us. We've grown, adapted, and perfected our offerings, with even more advancements on the horizon.

Discover the pinnacle of intelligent, personalised, eco-conscious shopping. Opt for Checkit Plus — where commitment to quality, transparency, and your satisfaction reign supreme.

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How CheckIt Plus Works:

  1. Choose Your Service: Select either 'Price Checker' for the best online deals or 'Product Selector' for personalised shopping.
  2. Submit Your Details: Tell us what you're looking for, any specific preferences, and let our tech get to work.
  3. Receive Recommendations: Within hours, get top product suggestions or the best price options.
  4. Pay Only If Satisfied: With the Price Checker, you're billed only if we save you money. With the Product Selector, you're billed only when we find your perfect match.

Join the future of intelligent, stress-free online shopping today!

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About Us

At Checkit Plus, we merge cutting-edge technology with a personalised touch, ensuring every online shopping experience is optimal, efficient, and uniquely tailored to you. Driven by a mission to transform online shopping, we save our users not just money, but invaluable time and stress.


Our Story

The inception of Checkit Plus was born out of a personal experience. Witnessing loved ones fall prey to online scams deeply resonated with Sean, leading him to embark on a journey in 2021 to create a solution that would change the landscape of online shopping. With the invaluable addition of Ilya, instrumental in fine-tuning our tech capabilities, and Lewis, amplifying our reach and ethos, Checkit Plus has grown into more than just a platform. It's a beacon of trustworthiness, reliability, and innovation in the vast expanse of the digital marketplace.


Our Platform

Harnessing the prowess of advanced AI, machine learning, and human expertise, Checkit Plus offers two core services: The Price Checker and the Product Selector. Our Price Checker scours the web for the best deals, tracking prices and finding exclusive offers, while the Product Selector is akin to having a personal shopper online, understanding your nuances and catering choices to your unique preferences.


Our Commitment

Above all, we value transparency, dependability, and customer-centricity. Our commitment is twofold: to our users and to the future of sustainable shopping. This is why our Product Selector, when opted for, prioritises eco-friendly options and supports small and local businesses. We are invested not just in the present, but in building a responsible future for online commerce.

Join Our Community

At the heart of Checkit Plus is not just technology, but a passionate community driven to redefine the way we shop online. Dive deeper into our journey, get exclusive insights, and stay updated with the latest from Checkit Plus by following us on social media. Together, we're building the future of intelligent shopping. Don't miss out!