How It Works

At the core of Checkit Plus is our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. These tools power both our Price Checker and Product Selector, ensuring that you always get the best deals and most suitable product recommendations. But technology isn't our only strength. We believe in the unmatched value of human touch. Our dedicated team adds an additional layer of verification, ensuring that all results resonate with genuine human preferences and needs.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how our platform works:

1. Choose Your Service: Decide between the Price Checker for the best online prices or the Product Selector for a tailored product recommendation experience.

2. Detail Your Needs: A user-friendly form awaits. Here, input specific details about the product or the deal you're hunting for. Be as particular as you want; our system thrives on details!

3. Initiate the Magic: Once satisfied, hit the 'Send' button. This cues our expert team and our sophisticated AI to plunge into the vast digital marketplace on your behalf.

4. We Take the Reins: With Checkit Plus, your shopping becomes effortless. Our team, backed by AI and machine learning, scours the web considering real-time price comparisons, voucher codes, cashback incentives, and much more. If you've opted for our Product Selector and highlighted a preference, we'll also consider eco-friendly options and local/small business support.

5. Await Your Curated Insights: Patience is key, but only for 24 hours. Within this time, our team will deliver a comprehensive report to your email. This document will detail top matches, explain our choices, and provide actionable insights.

6. Make the Best Choice: Armed with our research, confidently move forward. Compare, contrast, and conclude which deal or product suits your needs best.

7. Seamless Payment Process: At Checkit Plus, we believe in absolute transparency and value. For our Price Checker, you'll be invoiced only if we've saved you more than £10. With the Product Selector, you'll receive an invoice only when we find a product that meets your exact requirements. It's our commitment to ensuring you get unparalleled service, every time.

8. Celebrate Your Purchase: Conclude your purchase, knowing well that Checkit Plus ensured you bagged the best deal, possibly championed sustainability, and most definitely saved both time and money. Happy shopping!

Embark on a shopping experience that blends the precision of technology with the warmth of human intuition. With Checkit Plus, you're always in good hands.

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