Product Selector Usage Terms

By using the CheckIt Plus Product Selector Service, you agree to the following terms:

Service Description: CheckIt Plus offers the Product Selector service tailored to identify products that align closely with the specifications and preferences provided by the user.

Payment Obligation: By engaging with our Product Selector, you expressly acknowledge and agree that if CheckIt Plus successfully identifies a product that matches your provided specifications and preferences, you are obligated to pay a service fee of £10 to CheckIt Plus.

Invoicing: Once a product matching your specifications is found, an invoice will be promptly dispatched to you with comprehensive payment details.

Non-Payment Consequences: Not settling the due service fee within the specified period may lead to extra late fees, limited access to CheckIt Plus services, and the adoption of further suitable actions to retrieve the owed sum.

Acceptance: Engaging with the Product Selector Service signifies your acceptance of these terms, along with any subsequent revisions or modifications. CheckIt Plus holds the prerogative to amend or revise these terms when necessary.